You deserve more smiles from Medicare

Introducing Dental Advantage by Delta Dental for public agency retirees

We are proud to offer an optional comprehensive dental HMO plan to our CalPERS members, Dental Advantage by Delta Dental of California*. And with low copays and no hidden costs for dental services, we think that’s something to smile about.

Dental Advantage by Delta Dental is available for public agency retirees only.

With Dental Advantage by Delta Dental, you’ll enjoy:

Low copays

Such as $5 office visits

Your choice of dentist

From the DeltaCare® USA HMO network

Comprehensive coverage

Including fillings, crowns and dentures
Low cost prevention services

Such as $15 - $20 cleanings

No waiting period

Benefits kick in with Medicare Advantage

Unlimited smiles

With dental coverage you can count on

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Summary description of benefits and copayments

ADA codeDescriptionMember copay
D0999Office visit$5
D0120Periodic exam, 1 every 6 months$0
D0210X-rays, complete series, 1 every 24 months$0
D1110Cleaning, 1 every 6 months$15
D2330Filling, 1 surface$55
D2740Crown, porcelain/ceramic$425
D2750Crown, porcelain fused to metal$425
D3330 Root canal, molar$375
D4341Periodontal scaling and root planning, 4 or more teeth per quadrant; 4 quadrants per every 12 months $60
D4910Periodontal cleaning$45
D5110Complete denture, upper$395
D5213Partial denture, upper$425
D5511Repair broken complete denture base, mandibular$50
D5512Repair broken complete denture base, maxillary$50
D5730Reline complete denture, upper$50
D7140Extraction, erupted tooth or exposed root$35
No codeEmergency dental service$100 allowance

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*Delta Dental refers to Delta Dental of California. Delta Dental is a registered mark of Delta Dental Plans Association. DeltaCare USA is underwritten by Delta Dental of California and administered by Delta Dental Insurance Company.

Sharp Direct Advantage is offered by Sharp Health Plan. Sharp Health Plan is an HMO with a Medicare contract. Enrollment with Sharp Health Plan depends on contract renewal. Read the full disclaimer.

Page last updated: 1/14/2021