New member checklist

Welcome and thank you for choosing Sharp Health Plan. We’re honored to serve as your health care partner.


Carry your member ID card

Your member ID card is your key to accessing care. You will need it whenever you seek medical services, such as visiting your doctor or filling a prescription. Your member ID card also contains important benefit information, like which networks of doctors you have access to.
  • If you or a member of your family has not received an ID card, log in to Sharp Connect to request an ID card or print a temporary card.


Activate your member account

Visit Sharp Connect to register for our all-access, secure member portal. You can view your unique plan information, see what you can expect to pay for office visits and more. Everything you need to manage your plan, and your health, is at your fingertips.
  • Most plan medical groups offer a patient portal that lets you manage appointments, health records and more. Sharp Rees-Stealy and Sharp Community Medical Group members can log in or register for FollowMyHealth. If your doctor isn't a part of these medical groups, please visit for more information.


Transfer your prescriptions

Under your health plan, there’s a lot of pharmacies to choose from. Use this helpful online tool to search for a pharmacy that is close by and works for you and your family. Just let your new pharmacy know that you need your prescriptions transferred from your old pharmacy. Also, let your primary care physician (PCP) know of any existing special authorizations for prescriptions that may need to be re-authorized.
  • Mail order is an easy and affordable way to get the medications you and your family need, along with the convenience of home delivery. Sign up here. 


Transfer any existing referrals and medical records

If you have existing referrals to see a specialist, ask your new PCP to re-authorize the referral with your new coverage. For medical records, please contact your previous doctor for assistance to transfer your protected health information to your new doctor.


Get care

We’re here to help you get the right care at the right time. Here are a few different ways you can get the care you need in any situation:
  • Get to know your PCP by setting up your first appointment. If you would like to switch doctors, log in to Sharp Connect, email or call Customer Care at 1-855-995-5004 to make the change.
  • Receive after-hours and weekend medical advice in a single phone call to our specially trained registered nurses with Sharp Nurse Connection®. Just call 1-855-995-5004.
  • Our nationally-accredited wellness program provides free meal plans, exercise routines, and health coaching to keep you feeling your best. Get your free wellness core or earn your $150 Wellness Reward by registering for Best Health®.


Manage your plan

Need a little more guidance on how best to manage your health plan? Take this shortcut to the most popular member actions on our website, from changing your primary care physician to finding commonly requested forms.