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Best Health wellness program

Best Health™ is a wellness program designed for you by the team at Sharp Health Plan. It gives you access to classes taught by certified coaches in San Diego, in addition to free tools and interactive resources that help you become and stay your healthiest.

You can plan, track, and celebrate your journey towards your health goals. Sharp Health Plan recently received National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Wellness & Health Promotion (WHP) Accreditation, and is one of only 10 health plans to achieve this distinction.

Tips and resources

Watch this video from PsychHub to find out about practical ways to achieve better mental health and balance in your life.

Watch this short video about meditation. By taking time to rest and recharge, you'll be more able to cope and focus on what's important.

Woman washing vegetables, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms

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You’ve heard of “mind” and “body,” but mental health and physical health should not be thought of as separate. Find out more in this video.

Sleep issues can be a symptom of a behavioral health or medical condition. Watch this video to learn more about insomnia.

Being outdoors

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5 ways being outdoors can make you healthier

Spending time outdoors is associated with lower blood pressure and stress levels, and can improve focus and recovery time.

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